jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Entrevista con Padge y Jay

Los cuatro hombres galés comenzaron una carrera inigualable que inició con sus primeros dos álbumes realmente exitosos, y ahora tienen a su lado musical y comercial su tercer álbum 'Fever'. Es obvio que tomamos la oportunidad para una breve charla con ellos. Esta vez el guitarrista Michael Paget y el bajista Jason James hablaron con nosotros.

Ingo: Tu nuevo álbum vendió un poco más e incluso superó a su segundo álbum ligeramente. ¿Cuál crees que es la razón de su continúo y creciente éxito? ¿Se debe a las melodías significativas?
Padge: Sí, creo que sí. En los tours de nuestro segundo álbum, tocamos desde ese punto de vista y logramos hacer este álbum realmente bueno. Nethertheless Creo que es sobre todo porque le hemos dado a las canciones más melodía y menos metal.

Ingo: Was this development planned or did it just happen while songwriting?
Padge: It was planned that way. We wanted an album with nice melodies, handy hooks and the new album to be more song-orientated than our last album. We've tried to take the best out of both our albums and garnish it with complex melodies.

Ingo: Which contained some safety thinking?
Padge: Yes. There's a million of metal bands who can shred. We wanted to set us off those category. We're a band that is more into songwriting and not standard-metal-stuff.
Jay: In his case less is more. We don't need all this technical, fast stuff to write a good song.

Max: A lot of bands try to sound as aggressive, brutal and massiv as possible. In your case the opposite seems to be the case, all of your instruments are clearly to be heared. It's not your claim to sound as aggressive as possible.
Padge: Before we worked with Colin Richardson who drives a really hard style in his productions. This time we worked with Don Gilmore who also worked with Linkin Park and Good Charlotte and put them into scene really good. This was really good for our sound.

Ingo: There are rumours that you'll come back to germany this fall.
Padge: We're playing the festivals this summer and in some smaller venues in Europe. In fall we'll come back to play in bigger venues, e.g in munich on november 26th.

Ingo: If you take a look at the previous release-dates – 2005 'The Poison', 2008 'Scream Aim Fire', 2010 'Fever' – a new album should follow in 2011? ;-)
Padge: That could be a little difficult. We'll propably be busy touring with this album until the end of 2011.
Jay: We've invested a lot of time to make this record perfect. Now it's time for some fun on the road. There's not much time left for songwriting.

Ingo: So you're writing more in studio then on the road ?
Jay: It's variable. We wrote 'scream Aim Fire' completely on tour, 'cause we hadn't enough time. When we wrote 'fever' we took about 8 months off and looked ourselves in the studio to record the best album of our career to date.


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