sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

Rock Radio: BFMV

A Bullet For My Valentine le hubiera encantado encabezar el escenario Ronnie James Dio, mientras que AC/DC lo está haciendo en su propio escenario esta noche - pero ellos demandan que los australianos tienen demasiado miedo para ir de cabeza a cabeza.

The festival’s four other stages will close before Brian Johnson and co start their performance, and Bullet’s Matt Tuck says it’s a shame the crowd will miss the chance of a pyro war overhead.

Asked by Download FM DJ Martin Bate whether Bullet didn’t want to go up against AC/DC or vice versa, Tuck claims: “It’s the second one – definitely!
“It would have been a pyro-off tonight because we’ve brought a lot of flames and so have they. We’re going to empty everything we’ve got.”

More seriously he adds: “Realistically, no band will want to go up against them. It wasn’t a decision of ours but I think it’s the sensible thing to do so everyone can see everything they want to.


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