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Funeral For a Friend con Matt en Cardiff, Gales

El jueves en la noche, FFAF hizo un concierto en Cardiff, Gales, donde Matt Tuck apareció como invitado especial durante una de sus canciones.
Matt Tuck, vocalista de Bridgend contemporáneos Bullet For My Valentine, se unió a la acción sobre el escenario para un duelo a dos vocales en la favorita para muchos fans este año This Year’s Most Open Heartbreak.
Aquí el artículo completo, gracias a BulletsDaily:
Funeral For a Friend with Matt in Cardiff

Subtitled Saying Goodbye to Darran Smith, Thursday’s show at Solus proved to be a fitting send-off for the departing guitarist, with a celebration of the band’s work over the past eight years. Particular focus was given to early material, including the first performance of 2003’s debut album Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation in its entirety.

Indeed, there was an atmosphere of expectation amongst the excitable crowd, released in a mosh-pit frenzy when the band launched into opener Rookie of the Year. Despite the somewhat melancholy motive for the evening’s performance, frontman Matt Davies was in high spirits, with frequent jokes about the predictability of the setlist as well as several courageous stage-dives into a frantic sea of hands.

A brief interval was followed by the band’s return to the stage for 2007’s Into Oblivion (Reunion). The hits kept coming, with a ferocious rendition of latest single Wrench demonstrating a band that shows no sign of slowing down. Matt Tuck, vocalist from Bridgend contemporaries Bullet For My Valentine, joined the action onstage for a dual-vocal assault in fan favourite This Year’s Most Open Heartbreak, ahead of the bands’ joint European tour later this year.

2005 single History proved to be a fitting end to the evening, with the repeated refrain “your history is mine” echoed by Davies’ assertion that “Darran Smith will always be part of Funeral For A Friend”. Judging from tonight’s performance, the band has a lot of history yet to tell, albeit with one less storyteller.

Article written by: Michael Brown


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