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Moose: "¡Gracias por hacer nuestro disco lo que es!"

Olin Esdras tuvo la oportunidad de sentarse con Michael "Moose" Thomas de Bullet For My Valentine en su 30a muestran de mayo en The Filmore. Estos chicos montaron un espectáculo que definitivamente vale la pena mirar.

Olin: Thanks for taking the time out to do this for the magazine, let’s jump right in, how long have you been playing drums?
Moose: Since I was 16, about 12 years.
Olin: Is Bullet your first band?
Moose: Kind of, just because Matt and I have always played together. Matt and I have been together for 12 years, but Bullet has been together since 2003.
Olin: Any idea when you guys were playing that you decided on a certain style?
Moose: Only when Bullet happened we just started writing music that we wanted to play, like what we were influenced by and stuff.
Olin: So what would the biggest influence be?
Moose: Biggest influence as a band would be Metallica. Iron Maiden obviously, just really good melodic metal.
Olin: Love Iron Maiden.
Moose: Hell yeah, great band!
Olin: So you guys are Welsh, talk a little bit about the reception you get in the states.
Moose: It’s been amazing for a Welsh band; I mean the record went to number 3 on the billboard 200 which was awesome. All of the shows have been sold out; this tour so far has been a huge success.
Olin: So this is the first U.S. tour for FEVER?
Moose: Yes.
Olin: How has this album been different, growth-wise as a band?
Moose: We just wanted to write the best songs. We’ve done it in the past, and we’ll keep writing the best songs we can.
Olin: I have read some criticism about you guys that compare you to being too much like Metallica on your second album.
Moose: We didn’t mean to, I understand how people can feel like that. We were writing it while we were touring. We were trying to silence critics that said we weren’t metal. Matt couldn’t sing because he had just had his throat surgery.
Olin: A lot of aspiring rockers read this magazine. What would be the best advice you could give them as someone who’s reached a level where all you do is play?
Moose: Work hard, that’s really what it takes. Before we got a deal, we just struggled to find something. Matt and I had been trying to get a record deal for 7 years before that. Just work hard.
Olin: So what would the worst experience be?
Moose: I wouldn’t say it was bad, maybe disheartening. It was opening for Iron Maiden, but Iron Maiden fans only want to see Iron Maiden. It wasn’t so bad, just had to get thick skin and prove people wrong again!
Olin: And the best experience?
Moose: Opening for Metallica! Coming down and saying hello, watching the show from the side of the stage. The most mind blowing thing.
Olin: Did you guys plan on building a following first in Europe or did you explode into most markets?
Moose: Started rolling around the world. We released our albums in the UK about 6 months earlier to test the waters, but it pretty much just picked up.
Olin: I can’t even imagine what that’s like.
Moose: It’s fun!
Olin: So as a drummer, who’s your favorite?
Moose: I remember watching Slipknot, watching Joey, just blown away, how can you play like that?
Olin: Anything else you’d like to say to the people?
Moose: Just a huge thank you for making our record what it is!
Gracias a Bullets Daily


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