¿Qué ha pasado con Bullet for my Valentine?

¡Hola Bullets! Vaya que ha pasado un tiempo desde que nos leímos por acá, me han estado llegando preguntas como ¿Qué están haciendo los chicos? ¿Cuándo tendremos material nuevo? entre otras, así que preferí hacer un resumen de las cosas que Bullet ha hecho hasta el momento.


Bullet for my Valentine fue la primer banda confirmada para el festival Soundwave del 2016. Los chicos se presentarán en Australia con su más reciente material Venom.


Excelentes noticias bullets! Debido a la gran respuesta por el concierto del 8 de septiembre (boletos casi agotados) EyeScream Productions agendó una fecha más. El 9 de septiembre será el segundo concierto, que seguramente será memorable.


Bullet for my Valentine finalmente lanzó a la venta mundial, Venom, su quinta producción de estudio.


Bullet for my Valentine Waking the Masses México, Playera, Street Team, Team, Waking the Masses México No comments Hola chicos como les habíamos informado anteriormente lanzaremos una totalmente nueva playera del team.

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LOS ANGELES, CA (January 28, 2009) – Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, the most electrifying carnival to ever hit the summer concert circuit, is back…and bigger. Organizers of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival announced today that hard music legends MARILYN MANSON and SLAYER will top the bill on this year’s highly anticipated tour, which is set to kick off July 10 at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Sacramento, CA. The festival will tear through 27 cities in the U.S. and Canada. Mayhem tickets will go on sale to the public on April 24—check www.mayhemfest.com and www.livenation.com for more info.

Like last year’s Godzillian-sized lineup, the second annual Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival will feature a gaggle of rock’s heaviest bands: the main stage will see Marilyn Manson and Slayer joined by BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and a special guest that will be announced in the coming weeks; the Jägermeister stage will feature TRIVIUM, ALL THAT REMAINS, GOD FORBID and the Jägermeister Battle of the Bands winner; the Hot Topic stage will feature extreme metal bands CANNIBAL CORPSE, JOB FOR A COWBOY, BEHEMOTH, BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and WHITECHAPEL. The World’s Greatest Freestyle Motocross team METAL MULISHA will also be revving up the crowd with their unique style of death-defying motorcycle stunts on all dates. “Given the great success of last year’s festival, we knew that we needed to put together a stellar group of talent for 2009—and we have,” says Mayhem producers John Reese and Kevin Lyman. “This will be a blockbuster event, one that blends thrilling live performances with special music-related events and a few yet-to-be-revealed surprises.

The result is a concert experience like no other. We’re extremely excited to get the show on the road.” “Last year’s inaugural Mayhem Festival tour was a definitive success, attracting nearly 340,000 incremental fans to our amphitheaters,” said Jason Garner, Chief Executive Officer of Global Music at Live Nation, the tour’s co-producer. “This year, the Mayhem team has delivered another great all-star lineup and we anticipate another huge success for Mayhem.” “I have good news and I have bad news to announce,” declares Manson. “The good news is that I am completely aware now that our music and our Mayhem tour will have a negative, destructive influence on America. The bad news is that I don't give a fuck.” Manson is currently in the studio working on his forthcoming album scheduled for release in May on Interscope Records.

This highly anticipated record reunites Manson and Twiggy Ramirez for their first collaboration since Hollywood in 2001. Summer 2009 will also see a brand new album from the mighty Slayer, who have already recorded three new songs and are slated to return to the studio in February to finish. Late last fall, Slayer made one of the new tracks, "Psychopathy Red," available as a free online stream to fans, and to date, the song has been posted online at more than one million sites. "We co-headlined with Manson once before, a couple of years ago," said Slayer's Kerry King, "so we all know what we're getting into. Manson and I probably drank a little too much absinthe on that tour, but we had a really good time hanging out and playing good music - we're looking forward to doing the same this summer on Mayhem."Says Slayer vocalist/bassist Tom Araya, "We're looking forward to some summer mayhem and playing new sh*t! The Rockstar Energy

More informatiion: http://www.mayhemfest.com/

Slayer, Marilyn Manson y Bullet For My Valentine en la cartelera del Mayhem Festival

Slayer, Marilyn Manson y Bullet For My Valentine en la cartelera del Mayhem Festival

- Mitchell Peters, Los Ángeles


Marilyn Manson.

Slayer, Marilyn Manson y Bullet For My Valentine son las estrellas de la cartelera del segundo Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, que comienza el 10 de julio en el Sleep Train Amphitheater de Sacramento, California. El festival terminará el 18 de agosto en el Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre de San Antonio.

Jagermeister está patrocinando uno de los dos escenarios, en el que tocarán Trivium, All That Remains, God Forbid y el grupo ganador de la '"batalla de las bandas', que auspicia la compañía de licores. En el escenario que patrocina la cadena Hot Topic irán Cannibal Corpse, Job For A Cowboy, Behemoth, Black Dahlia Murder y Whitechapel.

Los boletos del tour de 27 fechas salen a la venta el 24 de abril en mayhemfest.com y livenation.com.

El festival del año pasado tuvo Slipknot, Disturbed, Airbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, 36 Crazyfists, Machine Head, Black Tide, Suicide Silence, the Red Chord y Wall Of Jericho. Al menos 340.000 personas asistieron, según los organizadores.

Fuente: http://www.billboardenespanol.com/

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Por si quieren asistir aqui esta la informacion.

La celebracion sera este sábado 31 de enero, en Chapultepec se celebrara con un pastel con la imagen del deathbat por lo que se pedira una cooperación de 30 pesos y si sobra dinero con eso se compraran algunas otras cosas.

Para no perdernos el punto de encuentro va ser en el auditorio nacional (por la fuente) a la 1.30, esperaran 20 minutos y de alli nos iremos a chapultepec.

Si son fans, estan invitados y lleven todo lo qe tengan de A7X por que se hara un video!

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Video: Matt Tuck con Avenged Sevenfold cantando Walk

Matt Tuck con Avenged Sevenfold cantando 'Walk' (Pantera Cover/Kerrang Awards 2008)

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BFMV inspired Metallica

In the December 2008 issue of Guitar World and Revolver magazine 'Rebel Meets Rebel 2008' special issue, you can find two Metallica interviews. One is between James Hetfield and Guitar World, the other one is between M. Shadows, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich (Metallica).

The interesting part is that in both of the interviews, James & Lars gave credits to young bands such as Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, DragonForce and Avenged Sevenfold for being their musical inspiration.

Guitar World Interview

GW: You’ve talked a bit about Diamond Head and the music that inspired you when you were first starting out, but is there somebody that you’ve listened to in the past 10 years, whether it’s a new or old artist, that you appreciate on a guitar-playing level?

Hetfield: [Long pause] There are certain guys who obviously inspired me to play guitar. I love certain bands. Ted Nugent and Aerosmith had some riffs, but it was more the Judas Priest and the AC/DCs that got to me because the rhythm guitar was such an important part of their sound. I’d listen to somebody like Malcolm Young and think, This dude’s driving the train right now. And that would be exciting. These days, there’s been such an amazing resurgence in guitar talent – and not just guitar but drums, keyboards, singing…It’s unbelievable.

GW: Yeah, that Pro Tools guy is pretty good!

Hetfield: [laughs] Yeah. Mr.Tools? Yeah. He’s one helluva a producer! I hear what you’re saying, but I think there’s more to it. I think there are guys sitting in their bedrooms trying to imitate stuffs that has been Pro Tooled to death, and they’re playing it naturally. Pro Tools is creating new monsters. It’s amazing how some of these guitar players are. It reminds me a lot of, say, when the Eighties happened and all of these amazing virtuoso guitar players like Yngwie Malmsteen were emerging, and there were plenty of bands that had amazing rhythm sections.

GW: Are you talking about bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold? Their arrangements are so big and complex that they are almost writing heavy metal symphonies.

Hetfield: Right, right. You can probably put DragonForce in there. Bands that have two unbelievable guitar players and they’re playing all their parts perfectly in concert. And the drummer is keeping right up with them. There are drummers around these days that blow me away. And some stuffs is very orchestral. It’s very dramatic and epic sounding. So a lot of that stuff is pretty inspiring.

M.Shadows Interview

Shadows: Music has changed a lot since you began, and I’m sure your influences have changed, as well. What drives you to continue playing, and what are your current influences in music and in life in general?

Ulrich: Honestly, it’s you guys. Seriously! You guys put out music that inspires us, and I appreciate all the love we get from all of you guys, from Trivium, from Bullet for My Valentine – everybody. That’s what inspires us – hearing people re-interpret what we’ve done in the same way that we re-interpreted Black Sabbath and everything through that whole lineage. You guys spit stuff back in our face, and it keeps us on our toes and fresh. We’re all just music fans, and the reason we do what we do is because we love music. We’re always listening to new stuffs and trying to keep our finger on the pulse to the best of our abilities. And I’d say just being in musical environment that continues to reinvent itself and be stimulating is what inspires us. We’ve been doing it so long. There’s so many ups and downs and so many dynamics in the relationships. And I think what’s really inspiring us right now is that we’re all getting along, we’re all really having fun. As you can see, there’s no psychiatrists around – there’s not all this bullshit going on. Phil said the whole time that all the work we were doing three or four years ago was going to pay off on the next record, not on St. Anger. And it’s really true – every day going into the studio to write and seeing these guys, it’s fun again. It’s not like, Now I’ve gotta go battle James Hetfield all day, you know what I mean? And it’s showing and everything – that way we play onstage and just the whole vibe.

Hetfield: Yeah, for sure. The fact that we don’t know our potential, and we’re still striving for that ultimate thing – “never satisfied” is both a curse and a blessing, you know? The next song you write is always going to be the best of your career. And bands like yourself are getting us to step up again and getting us to remember the roots where we came from. Also, hooking up with a Rick Rubin, another entity. It’s like, Imagine if ‘Tallica did a record with Rick Rubin? Whoa, what would that be like? There’s a lot of untapped stuffs, and we don’t know where we can go until we try. Also, when you evolve in life, you listen to music differently than when you were younger. Songs from way back take on a whole new meaning and inspire you in a new way – especially lyrically.



View all Mexico City events at Eventful

BFMV en Lo más visto y oído en MySpace durante el 2008

Lo más visto y oído en MySpace durante el 2008
Publicado por Cecilia Hill el 26 de Diciembre del 2008

La popular comunidad social MySpace acaba de publicar un listado con los músicos más populares, con más seguidores y los vídeos más vistos durante el año 2008. Los datos incluyen los grupos y cantantes que cuentan con un mayor número de seguidores (o de amigos, en el argot MySpace) para figurar en los primeros sitios de este Top 8. El peculiar grupo inglés Gorillaz se ha hecho con el número uno, seguido de Bullet for My Valentine y la polémica Amy Winehouse.

En la lista de los perfiles más visitados también se encuentran Coldplay, Lilly Allen, M.I.A, Oasis y Imogen Heap. Mientras que el primero del ránking tiene 682.875 amigos, Imogen Heap cuenta con 351.484 seguidores de su perfil MySpace en todo el mundo. Cifras con las que uno tiene bien labrado el camino de su éxito.

Por otra parte, MySpace también ha confeccionado una lista de los vídeos más vistos dentro de su propia plataforma. El más visitado pertenece a Madonna y se llama “4 minutes“. Escalando posiciones, se encuentran The Verve, David Byrne y Oasis, entre otros, que también triunfan y venden a mansalva en todos los rincones en los que se ofrece música en formato digital. Y es que a pesar de la crisis, las redes sociales siguen triunfando como nunca, en la nueva era de Internet.

Aquí están los dos listados de los artistas más populares en MySpace durante el 2008…

Los cantantes y grupos con más seguidores en MySpace (2008):

1. Gorillaz - 682.875 seguidores
2. Bullet for My Valentine - 596.885
3. Amy Winehouse - 542.268
4. Coldplay - 525.110
5. Lily Allen - 462.159
6. M.I.A. - 399.858
7. Oasis - 353.484
8. Imogen Heap - 351.484

Los vídeos más vistos en MySpace (2008):

1. Madonna - 4 Minutes
2. The Verve - Love is Noise
3. BPA featuring David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal - Toe Jam
4. Justice - DVNO
5. Oasis - I’m Outta Time
6. Dragonforce - Heroes of Our Time
7. Sigur Ros - Inni Mer Syngur Vitleysingur
8. The Raconteurs - Old Enough

Fuente: http://www.tuexperto.com


TRIVIUM Members Weigh In On 'Chinese Democracy'

A four-minute video clip featuring members of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, TRIVIUM, MASTODON, LACUNA COIL, OPETH and AMON AMARTH, among others, offering their opinions on the title from the newly released GUNS N' ROSES album "Chinese Democracy" can be viewed on the Metal Hammer web site. it can also be seen below.

According to Hits Daily Double, the companion web site of music industry tip sheet HITS, first-week U.S. sales prognostications for "Chinese Democracy" are ranging anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 (including a reported 25,000 downloads at iTunes). Thanks to a recent controversial Nielsen SoundScan ruling about counting digital sales, "Chinese Democracy" will not debut on this week's The Billboard 200 chart, but the following week, December 3.

In other news, GUNS N' ROSES' free MySpace streaming premiere of "Chinese Democracy" attracted 8,429,387 plays in its first four days on the site, more than half a million ahead of the previous record-holder, BEYONCE, after being up half the time.

"Chinese Democracy" went on sale on Sunday exclusively at Best Buy for $11.99 on CD, and $19.99 for the two-record LP, which also includes a code to download the music for free.



By now a lot of you have had a chance to hear some of our new shit floating around, or you’ve had the chance to hear the whole album if you’ve been SO LUCKY… I can say that I’m very excited to have this record come out on February 24th 2009. By the way, February 24th will be a huge day for metal. Us and Lamb Of God have our records coming out the same day. The coolest thing about this is every one can see how far metal has progressed from each of our first albums to our latest. We’ve come a long way. And I think both of our bands haven’t compromised. I also think we’ve produced quality material through our respective careers. So big ups to us and them!!! Big ups to metal!!!

I keep saying big ups because this blog is going to be all about one thing: Haterade. The big ups is a precursor to the new words or phrases that come out over time. Yeah, maybe being in a metal band makes it harder to say things like true dat, big ups or haterade but I’m gonna say that shit anyway. I am in a metal band but I am also from the streets so I have carte blanche to say all that ghetto shit.

Seriously, I’m talking about haterade because I think bands that get hated on generally become more successful. Right now, I’m hoping, pleading and wishing for this album to be panned by critics, internet trolls and whoever wants to shit on it. You may ask me, “Why Dallas? Why dost thou-eth needest us to protesteth soeth mucheth?” Because we need some boiling water in our career. We need people to hate. We need people to defend. We need to fight a fucking war for this record to push us to another place. We are a successful band. I want to be more successful. I want anyone out there who hates God Forbid to say they hate us. I don’t want reasons. I don’t want debates. I want hate!!!

I have a theory about why people don’t drink God Forbid Haterade. Let’s look at the careers of the most recent hated bands: Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine are just a couple of examples. These bands have great careers, but they have strong Haterade Brands. I’m sure their myspace messages are divided up into fan mail and hate mail. We’ve received hate mail and it’s pretty fucking great. But not as widespread as I really want and need it to be. These bands catch hate for a vast amount of reasons, but mostly I think it’s because they have images not because of their music. I think it’s because people can’t stand that people like them. I also think it’s because they are white! It’s very normal and OK in our society to hate white people. I don’t hate white people but it’s real easy to hate a successful white person.

It’s a Catch 22 to hate on God Forbid. It’s like the debates we had with Barack Obama. If you’re white and hate us, people think you’re racist. If you’re black and hate us, you’re a sell out. If you’re Hispanic and hate us, just go do some cocaine.

Get charged up! Show the true hate. We need a career with lefts, rights, love, hate… I’m saying it right here and now. If you can’t stand our band and are afraid to talk shit about us because people will think you’re racist, don’t worry about it. I know you are, so talk as much shit as you want! If you’re black and hate us because we’re doing what you want to do, don’t worry about. I know you’re an Uncle Tom!

In all seriousness, if you can’t stand the music, the personalities or just my stupid mouth, please tell your friend, your mom, your grandma, your psychiatrist, your girlfriend, that we suck… Tell them that we suck not just metaphorically, but physically. I’ll help you out, “God Forbid sucks _________” Insert the word there. Here some examples: Cock, dick, pussy, schlong, dog’s ass, cat’s ass, elephant schlong, dirty whore’s snatch, gout ridden toe jam, etc, etc. It’s OK. I give you carte blanche because you probably are a racist and definitely a sell out Uncle Tom! This is America. What would it be like if you weren’t…



Bullet for My Valentine interwiev

Bullet for My Valentine

Bullet for My Valentine singer Matt Tuck pushes a poker-straight curtain of hair out of his eyes and surveys the baying, overwhelmingly teenage, crowd.

"You guys are part of history," he tells them, triumphantly.

Tuck's career, however, was almost a thing of the past when the shrieking singer was stricken with throat problems during the recording of the Welsh metal band's second album, Scream Aim Fire. Following an emergency tonsillectomy, Tuck and his Bridgend bandmates consolidated their success in both the UK and the US with the best British band gong at this year's Kerrang! awards. Now halfway through a punishing two-year touring schedule, this is BFMV's biggest headline show. "It's time to show the rest of the fucking world what the UK is about," adds Tuck.

BFMV are about melody-driven, humour-free metal, sprinkled with a little sparkle. Cylinders shoot flames so huge their heat reaches the back of the aircraft hanger-sized venue, while Tuck, guitarist Michael Padget and bassist Jason James hop on and off risers, in feet-apart, rock-god poses.

James voices the throat-rattling shrieks that Tuck dare not attempt, but it is the latter who gives BFMV their edge, his insolent sneer and whine commanding the anthemic choruses of All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) and Tears Don't Fall.

During a fist-pumping The Poison, Tuck hands singing duties over to the fans. Equally vocal on the heartfelt encore Forever and Always, the kids aren't here to make history, but to live in the moment, which is what makes BFMV's big night so thrilling, and the band's future so bright.

Bullet For My Valentine Release 'Scream Aim Fire' Deluxe Edition CD/DVD

Bullet For My Valentine Release 'Scream Aim Fire' Deluxe Edition CD/DVD

The limited edition CD/DVD includes the original album in its entirety along with four bonus tracks - three new songs ('Road to Nowhere,' 'Watching Us Die Tonight,' and 'One Good Reason Why') that are exclusive to the Deluxe Edition, as well as 'Ashes of the Innocent,' a track previously available of SAF vinyl and digital download only.

The CD also features all 11 'Scream Aim Fire' mini-comics illustrated by noted underground artist Tom Manning, most of which have never been seen before.

On the bonus DVD, fans will find music videos for the title track, 'Waking The Demon' and 'Hearts Burst Into Fire,' along with five hilarious new episodes of Bullet TV, the band's long-running series of behind-the-scenes home movies, all filmed and edited by the band members themselves while on tour in Switzerland, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

'Scream Aim Fire: Deluxe Edition' caps off an exciting year for the foursome Kerrang! Magazine named Best British Band in 2008. Band members Michael Thomas, Jason James, Matt Tuck and Michael Paget have toured worldwide in support of their second album, which debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart and made the Top 5 in six other countries, Germany and Austria (No. 3), Japan and Australia (No. 4), and the U.K. and Sweden (No. 5). The title track to Scream Aim Fire also landed a coveted spot on the new video game Guitar Hero World Tour.

On the road, the band co-headlined the 2008 Taste of Chaos tour in the U.S. and sold out a trek to Australia in early 2008. Their recently completed U.K. tour also sold out in advance and included a tremendous bow at London's 8,000-seat Alexander Palace, which was filmed for
future release as a Hi-Def concert DVD.

The band also played the 2008 Reading and Leeds festivals and are currently wrapping a sold out EU tour with plans to take a break for the holidays before hitting the Big Day Out festivals & sideshows in Australia and New Zealand.

Fuente: Sony BMG Music Entertaiment Australia

Scream Aim Fire: Deluxe Edition CD/DVD

Scream Aim Fire: Deluxe Edition CD/DVD

Aquí te presentamos una probadita de la Edición especial del Scream Aim Fire, el cual fue lanzado el 1ro de diciembre en todo el mundo y 9 de diciembre en los EE.UU.

El album contiene:
4 nuevas canciones que no están en el álbum original.
El set completo de Scream Aim Fire: El Comics en formato PDF
3 vídeos musicales
5 nuevos episodios de Bullet TV

No esperen más y comprenlo!

Bienvenido a BFMV - Waking The Masses
Mexico Streett Team

Nuestra misión es promover y apoyar a Bullet For My Valentine en México.

Hacemos promoción de BFMV, dando flyers en las calles de la cuidad de México, haciendo promoción vía Internet con banners, links, etc.

Si quieres ser parte de este gran equipo. Únete ya y manda a nuestro correo wakingthemasses_mexico@hotmail.com

Fecha de nacimiento:
Redes sociales (Myspace, hi5, facebook, etc)

BFMV - Waking The Masses Mexico ST